Akera Franklyn

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Akera Franklyn


Age: 29

Heritage: Jamaica

Environmental Preservationist

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Akera became interested in environmental preservation in primary school. At that time, she became involved with the "Hello Tourist Club" and was a part of a team that transformed a desolate piece of land at her school into a natural environmental park.

During high school, she was not able to join the 4H Club which is environment focused, due to the costs associated with it. However, in 2013, she joined the Braeton Police Youth Club and was made Vice President of Communications and shortly after, promoted to Vice President of Administration, second to the President. This was where her passion for marine preservation took root.

As Vice President of Administration for the Braeton Police Youth Club and Intern for the Development Foresight Institute (DFI), Akera coordinated a cleanup of Hellshire Bay in St. Catherine for World Oceans Day 2014. In this endeavor, she partnered with other youth clubs, the Jamaica Red Cross,the National Environment and Planning Agency, Rainforest Seafood, the Jamaica Constabulary force, The Jamaica National Foundation and private volunteers. A video of portions of the event can be seen on YouTube.

Akera partnered with the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI), now the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) through DFI for International Coastal Cleanup Day in September 2016 as a local coordinator for the Jamaica Environmental Trust to clean up Port Royal Square and Foreshore Beach in Kingston. Volunteers included individuals from universities, public and private entities.

In October 2016 she joined the CMI staff as Research Assistant in the School of Advanced Skills, now the Faculty of Advanced Skills and Professional Development. Additionally, she coordinated a youth forum there for World Oceans Day 2017, under the theme "Clean Waters, Bright Futures". The forum attracted students from the occupational associate degree programme at CMI as well as high school students. The forum's focus was on the dangers of plastic in our waterways. Akera also partnered with individuals and organizations from ICC 2016 for International Coastal Cleanup Day in September 2017.

Under the DFI banner, she participated in the  World Oceans day 2018 educational fair along with Conservation Through Education held at Kingston Harbour. She is currently preparing for ICC Day 2018. An environmental preservation PSA competition was launched by DFI and winners will be announced on ICC Day 2018.