Phillip W. Grant

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Phillip W. Grant


Age: 29

Heritage: Jamaica

President and Founder, Georgia Caribbean Students Alliance (GCSA)

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Phillip W. Grant is a Jamaican native, born and raised in an East Rural community called Mavis Bank, located in St. Andrew, Jamaica. He attended at Jamaica College, one of the oldest and well know High School in Jamaica.

Phillip is the President and Founder of the newly establish nonprofit organization, Georgia Caribbean Students Alliance (GCSA). “The Alliance” serves as an overseeing establishment for collegiate members of the respective on-campus Caribbean Student Associations across the State of Georgia. “The Alliance” aims at strengthening the Caribbean Student community through Excellence, Development, Leadership and Empowerment, while facilitating opportunities for students to gain scholarships, mentorships, internships, etc. and to spread the rich culture, historical and political awareness of the Caribbean Diaspora throughout the State of Georgia. Our slogan is "Strength Through Unity"

Phillip, along with his dedicated Team at GCSA, has taken the initiative to help the Caribbean student community, by identifying the needs, and to make things better for both the Caribbean student community, and the larger Caribbean community within Georgia. Over the past few months, “The Alliance” have been working diligently to bring the Caribbean organizations from each university together. In April 2018, we held our very first event, a Town Hall meeting, with the theme - “Strengthening the Caribbean Diaspora – How You Can Make A Difference” at Spelman College. Guest Speakers, who are influential Caribbean American personnel, addressed approximately 50 students of Caribbean decent from various universities across Georgia. The students had the opportunity to express the gaps they hope the organization can fill which includes but is not limited to some of the benefits they seek.

Phillip continues to serve in other capacities within the Caribbean community in the State of Georgia, which includes; Board of Director member for the “Jamaica Chamber of Commerce of Atlanta (JamCham)”, Member of the “Atlanta Jamaica Association Inc (AJA)”, Volunteer Director/Board of Director member for the “Caribbean American Cultural Arts Foundation (CACAF)”, affiliations with the “Atlanta Georgia Relays, International Track Meet (AGR)” and the Vice President/Technology Specialist for “Miracle Worship Center”, the church in which he attends. His commitment and efforts, has continued to have a lasting impact on his colleagues, his church community, and the Georgia Caribbean community. Other capacities in which he has served includes, working directly with well renowned Caribbean based organizations such as Western Union, and Grace Kennedy.

Phillip is also the CEO and Founder of Prez Tech Solutions, which is a small business that provides computer repair services to the metro Atlanta community. He started the company while attending Georgia State University as a/n International Student, where he earned his Bachelors of Science degree in the field Economics, with a minor in Political Science. He also became heavily involved with the on-campus, Caribbean Students Association, where he served diligently as a regular member and an Executive Board member throughout his collegiate career. Prior to attending Georgia State University, he attended Chattahoochee Technical College, where he pursued and earned his Associates of Applied Science degree in the field of Computer Information Systems – Networking. He also became involved in the campus life, where he served as the President for the International Student Association, working with students of over 20 different nationalities. During his collegiate careers, he has been actively apart of the executive planning and hosting committees of the annual Georgia International Leadership Conference.

By profession, Phillip is a/n IT Professional, that has been in the IT industry for over 8 years. He currently works as a IT Support Specialist at CentricsIT.

Phillip’s passion and overall vision is to work earnestly in empowering each Caribbean individual, and associated organizations, to achieve more (working together) in the development of our Caribbean community! Both at home, and abroad!